MATTER PRINTS | The Sideswept Dhoti Pants + Discount Code

I'm a huge fan of Matter Prints, and have done another post about them here, and so I was excited to get these pants in a nice grey color, perfect for Seattle's fall and winter season. I had my friend Noura wear them so I could take some photos and I'm obsessed with how she styled the pants.

These pants are handwoven by artisans in southeastern India and are the epitome of the slow fashion industry. They have a large waist that you basically wrap around yourself and then secure with a tie, allowing you to wear them for years (regardless of fluctuating weight). The cotton fabric means you can wear them summer or winter, and because they're a looser fit, you can even wear leggings underneath them for some extra warmth (I do this whenever possible in the winter!). 

For the holidays, I'm partnering with Matter Prints by offering a coupon code that gives you 10% off your purchase. This isn't a sponsored post, I just really do love this company and want to help promote them in any way I can. Use the following coupon code when you checkout:


The code is valid through the end of 2016, so happy shopping, whether for you, or as a gift for someone else! :)

Learn more about Matter Prints by clicking here

Baby Blankets by Haiti Babi

I first discovered Haiti Babi through a photography client of mine, and even though I don't have any kids, I instantly fell in love with these blankets and the story behind them. They are so soft and have a nice weight to them, and my future babies will definitely be wrapped in these blankets :)

Haiti Babi blankets are handmade by women in Haiti, whom are paid more than twice the minimum wage in Haiti. This allows the women to provide for their families and send their children to school. The founder of Haiti Babi, Katlin, travels back and forth from Seattle to Haiti, ensuring the blankets are of the highest quality, as are the working conditions. What surprised me the most when I spoke with Katlin was learning that a lot of kids who are in orphanages in Haiti aren't orphans at all, but are sent there because their families unfortunately cannot provide for them. Haiti Babi is helping stop that, by allowing mothers to have a job and earn enough money to care for their children at home and in school. You can learn more about the mothers working for Haiti Babi by clicking here

These blankets come in all different colors, so whether you want something pink, blue, gender neutral or extra colorful, there are so many beautiful shades to choose from. Definitely check Haiti Babi out, whether for your own baby or for some mamas you know!

Lastly, I want to mention that none of these posts on Shop Ethically are sponsored, meaning, I don't make any money off of this project. I'm simply doing it to promote ethical brands, and I hope it's a helpful resource that inspires others to shop ethically :)

The Chelsea Boot by Poppy Barley

With fall in full swing (and also Seattle's rain), I have practically been living in these boots. Not only are these the softest leather boots I have *ever* put on, they are made to order. Using their fit guide, I took a measuring tape to my foot, ankle and leg to get my exact measurements, and then Poppy Barley made a Chelsea boot that fits my exact foot like an absolute dream.

Poppy Barley's shoes are made in León, Mexico, in a family run factory, where all of the materials come within a 22 mile radius. Poppy Barley ensures that those working in this shoe factory receive a proper wage and have good working conditions. The only make up to 200 pairs per style, so their shoes remain truly unique. Considering you are purchasing a shoe made exactly with your foot's dimensions, the price point is pretty incredible.

While I definitely won't be wearing these boots if spending a full day walking in the rain (they're far too beautiful to do that to them! ), they've been perfectly fine getting me to and from work during some seriously sucky weather. And again, they are so soft (but still sturdy), that I feel like I'm wearing slippers. Check out more styles by visiting Poppy Barley

PS: They're a Canadian company, too, so my feet feel right at home :)

Roman Numerals Necklace by GLDN

A friend of mine started working at GLDN and introduced me to this beautiful line of jewelry, all of which is handmade right here in Washington.

I ordered one of their vertical bar necklaces in gold and had my wedding date stamped into the necklace as roman numerals. I am so happy with how it turned out and how dainty this necklace is. I don't wear a ton of jewelry, and what I do wear, I like to keep super simply and timeless. This is a piece I can literally wear anywhere and with everything, and the fact that it holds sentimental value (with my wedding date on it) makes it even more special to me.

Check out their shop for necklaces, rings, earrings and more! 

Jeans by Noble Denim

I have never been a jeans girl, until I discovered Noble Denim. Long story short, my husband and I were able to meet up with Abby and Chris, the founders of Noble Denim, a few months ago in Portland and they are the most lovely human beings I have ever met. You know when you meet someone and you instantly click, and you could literally talk for hours upon hours even though you just met? That's how it was with them. We had been following Noble for awhile and so it was really fun being able to meet with Abby and Chris, and hear more about their story.

Noble Denim makes all of their jeans right here in the US. My husband wears his Noble's basically every day, and I wear mine a few times a week, easily. They recently came out with women's jeans and they are SO comfortable. I wasn't really into jeans before, mostly because they never were comfortable or they looked too casual, but these jeans are now my go-to outfit. I got the high waisted skinnies in black and I'm in love with them. They sit at the exact right place on my waist (meaning, not too high where I have a mom bum, but also not too low, so they keep everything in, if you know what I mean). They also have a bit of stretch to them but still have really good structure. They are thick, but breathable, and I find them so classy. I can dress them up or down, and I can even eat a big meal while wearing them. 

Here are the men's jeans and gosh do they age beautifully. 

I love the little "N" logo stitched into the side of my jeans!

Click here to check out more of Noble Denim's clothing, all of which is ethically made :)

Spoon Rings by Kimberlin Co

I've been exploring the world of recycled fashion and seriously, some of my best pieces come from thrift stores or antiquing. There are so many items you can fix up, sew, or turn into something entirely new. For the past few years, my husband, Eric, has been making rings out of spoons that he finds at local antique shops. He got into the craft after his sister wanted to buy her bridesmaids spoon rings. Instead of buying them, Eric told her to hold off and that he would make the rings for her. Soon enough, it turned into Kimberlin Co. 

I think story telling is something that has been lost when it comes to what we wear, and so it's been really exciting to explore the world of spoons and realize that some of the spoons have very intimate stories behind them (when they were made, who they were made for, etc). I also love imagining that at some point, people owned these sets of spoons in their homes, and they were used over countless dinners and deep conversations. These spoons aren't going to waste, and are being turned into beautiful rings.

Kimberlin Co offers both sterling silver spoon rings and silver plated spoon rings, available on the Kimberlin Co website. I've heard of a few people who have used these as engagement rings or wedding bands which is so incredibly dreamy.

There are a variety of rings to choose from, from anchors, to roses, to keys. Check them all out by clicking here. 

The Modern Commuter

Everlane recently came out with a new backpack, the Modern Commuter, and it is seriously gorgeous. While I have two of their other bags (just call me the bag lady), this one takes the cake.

This bag is sleek, has a ton of room in it, but is still small and light enough to carry around every day, which I love. You can put your laptop in it, and it has a second space for papers or books, too. As a photographer, I have a lot of bags, but this one is super comfortable and allows me to go from work to play.

To learn more about this backpack, visit Everlane's story page on it.

The Cotton Poplin Collarless Shirt Dress by Everlane

It is long overdue of me to be featuring Everlane as I've been one of their biggest fans from the day they opened. A random funny story about when Everlane had just begun...

I went to a party in San Francisco wearing an Everlane tee I had purchased from them, and a guy randomly approached me asking if I was wearing Everlane. I immediately said yes, and before I gave him a chance to say anything else, I began telling him everything I possibly knew about Everlane and how much I loved their clothing, except for this one other t-shirt I had ordered from them. Strangely, the white t-shirt I ordered showed up yellow, as if there were some dyes that had been mixed with one another. The guy looked pretty frightened at what I had just told him, and before I could say anything else, he introduced himself as Michael. As it turns out, I was talking to the CEO of Everlane. He was incredibly friendly and asked me for my name and what size shirt I wore. He apologized about the t-shirt and told me to email Everlane about it as soon as I got home. The night went on, and I forgot to email Everlane, but then a few weeks later, a package arrived on my doorstep. Of course, it was from Everlane. Michael had sent me a handful of crisp, new, white t-shirts. From there, I was hooked (although I was already hooked before).

I have purchased several shirt dresses before, and I always end up donating them. They either don't fit right, don't feel right or don't look right. And so I was super excited to get their Cotton Poplin Collarless Shirt Dress, because like most things, Everlane nails it. I will honestly be wearing this dress for the rest of my life. It is so classy and simple. It's also an outfit I can be working in which is always a huge pro for me. The back is longer, and so when I'm bending over to take photos, I don't have to worry about the dress coming up too high.

Everlane is one of the most transparent companies I've ever discovered. When you view this dress on their website, they give you an exact cost break down showing where your money is going. They also don't mark things up a ridiculous amount. You can even view the factory where the dress was made. 

This dress is super soft and comfortable and is something I can wear on a cool, summer day, or in the winter with jeans or nylons. They have a ton of basics, but then a lot of more elegant and classy pieces that are timeless. If I had to choose one company to have my entire wardrobe come from, it would be Everlane, hands down. They also sell men's stuff, so be sure to check them out :)

Shoes were gifted by Everlane for my wedding. They have tons of other beautiful colors on their website! 

Shoes were gifted by Everlane for my wedding. They have tons of other beautiful colors on their website

Matter | The Classic Jumpsuit + Zalya

I am a huge fan of Matter Prints, a company based out of Singapore. I love their focus on stories and that they specifically partner with artisan communities that have been practicing their crafts for generations. A lot of hands-on craftsmanship, such as weaving, has been lost in younger generations, and so Matter works with these communities to help preserve and make their crafts sustainable. 

What I love about Matter Prints is that not only are they trying to create sustainable work for the artisans, but they are creating sustainable pieces. What first impressed me about the Zalya Jumpsuit were the buttons on each side of the pant waist. These buttons allow me to tighten or loosen the jumpsuit to my own size, and also means that I can continue wearing this piece whether I lose weight, gain weight or even get pregnant. There are also two buttons on the back so you can make the top looser or tighter. So many clothing companies produce cheap and quick products, hoping you’ll come back to buy more. Matter is different. They genuinely care about their products, the quality put into their products, the artisans and those wearing their products, so much so that they made a jumpsuit that you don’t need to buy over and over again. Matter believes in quality over quantity. 


The print on this jumpsuit is Zalya, which is an ikat print. Ikat is a heritage craft that can be found all over the world. The yarns are resist-dyed, meaning the dye is placed in a way where it won’t spread to all of the yarn, allowing it to create beautiful patterns once the yarns are woven together. The Zalya pattern comes from stories of the artisans, an arrowhead that represents fearlessness and bravery. 

I love how modern this jumpsuit is. The silhouette is beautiful and has a gorgeous wide pant leg. It’s lightweight and great for summer, but I’ve also worn it with a longer sweater on cooler days and it’s perfect. I’m such a huge fan of this company and their approach to design and ethical fashion.

Lo & Sons

I've been looking for a good camera bag for months. One that is versatile, sleek, can carry my camera in it but doesn't look like a camera bag. Most days I am photographing interiors which fortunately allows me to pack light (my camera, one lens, and a tripod). Plus, I absolutely cannot stand bulky and heavy camera bags. Unless I am doing a shoot that requires me to bring all of my gear, I pack as light as possible. I was so happy to discover Lo & Sons because they basically had everything I wanted in a camera bag in their leather Claremont Bag. Plus, their bags are ethically made - YAY.

Here's what I can fit in this bag:
- my DSLR (Canon 5d mark iii). It's a little snug width wise, but it absolutely fits and the clasp still closes with no problems
- my 24-105mm lens
- my wallet 
- my keys
- business cards
- an extra battery
- memory cards

This bag is so beautiful and light and is perfect for everyday adventures. Carrying a heavy camera all day can really take its toll on my back, and so having a bag that is lightweight has been key for me. This is basically how Lo & Sons started–it was a mother who had back issues and needed a lightweight bag. With the help of her sons, they started making bags. To ensure quality and also ethical production, one of the owners, Jan, makes frequent trips to their factory in China (China being where he lived for an extended period of time) to make sure the conditions are up to standards. The bags are put together by hand and are seriously gorgeous. 

Here's what I mean by the camera being a little wide. The clasp still closes, though. Smaller cameras will fit even better, but I use this setup on a daily basis and so far the bag is still holding its natural shape well.

The bag's interior is soft and there are two pockets for memory cards.

I use the back pocket for business cards.

I highly recommend checking out Lo & Sons! They have more than just camera bags, too!

Click here to see more ethically made products.

Tamarshalem Shoes

I've been trying to shop more consciously, which use to be easier said than done, but lately I have been finding so many brands that produce their products ethically. I'm not into mass production and my conscience never sits well with me when I'm buying something that is possibly from a sweatshop, so I was super excited to discover Tamarshalem Shoes. Tamar *hand makes* her shoes in her workshop in Israel and has so many beautiful designs! She has also started creating some vegan leather shoes which are stunning. I'm amazed at the talent that goes into creating her shoes. Here's a little look into her workshop:

I recently ordered the handmade white ballerina bridal shoes and absolutely love them! Plus, she also just released them in gold and silver, too. The leather is so soft and I am obsessed with their unique design. 

As always, I really believe people should buy less. I've been paying less attention to trends or purchasing items that I'll only be donating a year later. Not that I think there is anything wrong with donating items, I just think we waste a lot of clothing material that ends up in the dump rather than the items being re-used. And so, I've been trying to focus on buying lasting items that I'll be able to wear for years and years. I *love* color, but I've been buying more neutral items solely so that they will last longer and not go out of style. Now that the rain has finally let up in Seattle, I've deemed these my new summer shoes (and next summer shoes, and next summer and next...). It's sometimes hard for me to justify spending more money on less items, but when the quality is there, my clothes and shoes should last longer and I shouldn't have to buy as much. It also means a simpler, cleaner closet which I'm more than okay with. And no, this isn't just a minimalism trend I'm on. I really do believe that less is more.

As such, many of Tamar's shoes are only released in limited productions. Not only does this mean you get a super unique shoe, but you also know that the material being used to create your shoe is being carefully selected by Tamar. I love her unique approach to design, including how she hand stamps some of the leathers with vegetables. 

Definitely check out Tamar's shop to see more of her gorgeous shoes and support her as an artist!

The Petronila Tote by Catrinka.

One of my favorite companies, Catrinka, made this beautiful tote in Guatemala and I am drooling over the beautiful colors! 

Each of the Petronila totes are all a little different in terms of their design, but all have the same rich color palette. I love Catrinka because they give back and help employ women. I'm amazed at the talent that goes into so many of the Catrinka items and I am happy to support their artisans. Check out more of their stuff and hear their story here!

MATTER | Pants

As a photographer, and one whom loves fashion, design, aesthetic, colors, patterns (and more), what has always bothered me about the fashion photography industry (in particular), is how unethical it can be. There are problems with how models are treated and represented, there are problems with how and where the clothing is made, there are problems with how Photoshop is used... I could go on. I remember feeling so discouraged that I couldn't mix my love for photography, clothing and design because it didn't line up with my core values. Thankfully, there are so many companies coming out with products that are ethically made, and I couldn't be more pumped about it! In some ways, clothing is just clothing, but clothing is a part of our every day lives. Every single morning, we put on our clothes. It's a way of covering, it's a way of expressing, it's a way of getting a job done, it's telling a story, it's many things.

Introducing: MATTER

Matter partners with artisans in India and builds lasting relationships with them, allowing rural communities to thrive. 

I ordered my first pair of Matter Pants and was so excited to try them on. I love how different they are from traditional Pacific Northwest wear. Matter offers so many different and beautiful prints in their pants that you can find one that matches your exact personality.

As a photographer I am always struggling to find pants that are comfortable to shoot in and also don't slip down when I bend over to take a photo. These pants are a photographer's dream come true! They are super lightweight and incredibly comfortable for lounging around the house or getting out into the city or studio to take photos. The ones I have are high waisted and you can tie the top in a bow to make sure they won't fall down.

I ordered the The Sideswept Dhoti + Trikora and I love them so much! Next on my list will be the wide leg pants. 

I do not believe in all types of consumerism, but clothes are clothes, and not only do we need clothing, but clothing can also be a creative and fun way of expressing ourselves. I also think clothing is a unique way of showing the types of companies you support, along with your beliefs. If you're going to shop, please shop ethically.

Catrinka discount code

If you are looking for Christmas presents or even something for yourself, GET THE PAULINA BAG. It is the most beautiful leather tote style bag I have ever owned. Mine came with a little gold tassel on it but I decided to take it off and keep it simple. It's nice having the option to put the tassel back on though. The leather is so soft and the length of the strap is perfect. All you Madewell lovers, you will LOVE this bag.

Use the discount code "KIM10" to receive 10% off any order from Catrinka. 

Click me for The Paulina bag by Catrinka.

This bag was handmade in Mexico. Buying this bag gave a woman 2 days of work and a girl 7 days of education. I love this company and how they are helping women all over the world!

Bags for a cause (discount code!).

I've never really done a blog post like this, but there's a first for everything! I want to tell you about this really cool company called The Catrinka Project.

The Catrinka Project is simple: you buy a bag which then employs a woman and educates a girl. I've been following The Catrinka Project for a few years now, and was super thrilled when, while I was living in New York, I got to meet one of the co-founders, Amisha. We talked about bags,  photos, traveling and things that inspired us. I knew from then on that The Catrinka Project was a company I wanted to be actively engaged in and supporting.

Now why is this blog post important for you?


For the holidays, I've teamed up with The Catrinka Project and we'll be giving you guys 10% off any of your purchases in their store.  All you have to do is use the discount code: "KIM10".

I have a few of their bags and seriously love them. They're all so unique and come in beautiful patterns. Plus, knowing they were handmade by a woman in the world and that buying a bag keeps her employed and educates a girl... that is pretty amazing to me. When you click on a bag, it will tell you where in the world it was made. The patterns make me nostalgic for the places I've been to, and eager to explore the countries and cultures I haven't been to. They're a really great company. A genuine one, too.

Click me to shop!

Happy shopping :)

Why I started Shop Ethically

Originally published on June 23, 2016. 

When I was 19 or 20, I had what to this day, I still consider a temper tantrum. I had read some articles and watched some documentaries about sweatshops and was appalled at what I had seen. I decided I would take a few months off of shopping and instead, research the clothing stores I shopped at. I was living in Kelowna, B.C. at the time, so the stores I frequented were stores like R.W. & Co, Aldo, American Eagle, Below the Belt, and more. I emailed all of these companies asking for their privacy policies and their codes of conduct. Once I had my hands on those, I could see whether their products were made ethically or not. I had read online that if a store didn’t provide you with either of those (which they are supposed to), then their clothing most likely was from a sweatshop. Only one of the maybe dozen companies I emailed sent me their privacy policy and code of conduct. None of the others did. I felt so helpless. I was excited to discover where my clothes were made and to start making some positive shopping decisions, but suddenly I realized I couldn’t. Basically, every store I shopped at was not being transparent about their production. My temper tantrum started here. I don’t think I have ever cried as hard as I did that day, which is why I remember it so well. I felt terrible for what I was wearing and purchasing each week, knowing that someone out there made it and was being treated horribly. I sobbed for hours that night. The next day, instead of continuing to find companies that had ethical production, I did the exact opposite. I began binge shopping. It numbed my pain and emotionally filled the void I felt.

Things eventually started to level themselves out again, where I was no longer binge-buying, but I still chose to bury the guilt I felt of buying cheap items as far back into my mind as possible. Since then, those thoughts have only haunted me.

This is the inspiration behind Shop Ethically, a new blog and Instagram account I’ve started. I’ve been spending less time on Instagram lately because I feel like I can’t open up my feed without seeing ad after ad after ad. I am 100% guilty of advertising on my own account, too. What I hate is the crazy drive to buy more (as if my hundreds of clothes aren’t enough). I can honestly say that the more time I spend on Instagram, the more time I spend shopping and buying what I see on Instagram. I. Hate. This. About. Myself. And about our culture. 

I started watching True Cost today, a documentary exploring fashion and its impact on both people and the planet. Did you know that prior to 1960, 96% of our clothes in America were made in America? Now, only 3% of our clothing is made in America. The rest is made in other countries (mostly developing countries, largely Bangladesh). People also used to own way fewer outfits, too. Probably because clothing wasn’t nearly as cheap as it was today and wasn’t mass produced.

First and foremost, my purpose with Shop Ethically is most definitely not to promote consumption. I believe our North American culture owns far too many items. We buy too much, spend too much and we don’t need half of the items in our closets. That being said, I remember 8 years ago feeling helpless. Helpless because I had no idea where I could buy my clothing from. Clothes that were ethically made. The bottom line is, while we don’t need to buy the latest trend, we do need to clothe ourselves. Shop Ethically’s purpose is to help promote companies with products that are ethically made. Instead of buying a product made unethically, you can buy one from a company with the highest global fashion standards. There is a catch. I know that a lot of ethically made products are expensive. Well-made products do not come cheap, especially ones made in America. I think this is actually one of the beautiful things about ethical shopping. It slows shopping. It slows fashion. Plus, it helps me become smarter with my money. If I’m going to buy ethically made products, it means I have to save up to buy them. How can I save up for them if I don’t have a lot of extra money? I can’t stop buying $10 t-shirts from Target and $20 dresses from Forever 21. I have PLENTY of clothing, I certainly don’t need anything else right now, so instead of shopping for a trendy item, I can save that money for something I know I will eventually need in the future, like a good new pair of ethically made running shoes (which I have yet to find). I’ve thought about donating all of my clothes that aren’t ethically made, but that will leave me needing items I already have and needing to spend money which I don’t need to do. Instead, I can slowly purge and slowly rebuild my closet (this might take years, but it will also challenge me to own less, and stats show that the less material possessions you have, the happier you are). I also don’t want to simply donate everything because according to the True Cost documentary, only 10% of donated clothing items are sold. The rest are tossed or shipped overseas.

Here are where things are a bit tricky, and some of the details I am trying to figure out… 

I launched the Shop Ethically Instagram account today, and I honestly didn’t think that many people would respond so positively to it. It’s not that I didn’t think people had good intentions, I just didn’t think it would get any response, at all. Thank you to everyone who has encouraged me today about starting Shop Ethically. All that to say, I’m realizing that I started this Instagram account without thoroughly doing my research and defining what makes a product ethical. Please bare with me as I work through these.

Here are some things I am going to work on:

1. Define what makes a product ethical, and what standards companies must meet in order to be on the Shop Ethically account. This is going to take some time defining, especially when it comes to products like leather. If you have feedback, comment below!

2. How I am getting these products. I think a lot of fashionistas find fashion blogging appealing because many of them are gifted free products in exchange for an Instagram or blog shoutout. I will be completely transparent and say that only one of the products on the Shop Ethically account that I tagged is something I purchased (the black Everlane t-shirt). The rest have been gifted to me (not for Shop Ethically, but for promotion on my own account, or simply for feedback on its design). The thing is, I don’t want this to be about me, nor do I want it to be about me getting tons of free, new products. This isn’t about how cool I dress or look or anything like that, which is why I haven’t shown my face in any of the posts on the Shop Ethically Instagram account. I want it to be about the companies instead, and the good they are doing. I don’t entirely know how I combat this. Some ideas I’ve had are to always say whether an item was purchased, gifted, borrowed and whether I kept the item or will be giving it away or even back to the company. It’s a way of being transparent, and if you have suggestions or thoughts on this, please comment below.

I’m only half way through the True Cost documentary, but I had to stop to come write this post. Here are a few interesting facts I’ve learned from the documentary, as well as some helpful reminders:

- HUMAN BEINGS are being paid incredibly low wages, many below the living wage, in order to produce cheaper clothes for Americans and Europeans.

- This also means that the working conditions are low, there are children working in these factories, and some of these factors don’t follow local labor laws.

- The argument “but they create jobs” (such as the garment factories in Bangladesh) is an incredibly poor argument. People’s lives are still at risk, and why yes, it may be safer than something like coal mining, their lives should not be jeopardized for our consumption. There absolutely has to be a better way for these people to be making our clothes that help women’s needs and social and environmental development.

- 1 in 6 people in the world works in the global fashion industry.

- The average American throws away 82 pounds of clothing per year, most of which are not biodegradable, meaning it will sit in a landfill for over 200 years producing toxic gasses. 

I really don’t know where this project is going to go, but I hope it helps inspire people to research where their clothes are made, how they are made, the conditions they are made, where the materials come from, etc. It seems like a daunting task, which is why Shop Ethically is here to help. This is a very new project for me, but here are some companies I truly believe in and have ethically made products:

- Catrinka

- Noble Denim

- Everlane

- Tamar Shalem Shoes

- Matter Prints

There are a few more, but the reason I list these 5 companies is because I have a close relationship with all 5 of them. What I mean by this is that at one point I had emailed them asking for information about their products, and they have been entirely transparent with me. They have always emailed me back answering my questions and have been incredibly helpful. They have become so helpful that I have people who I consider actual friends at those companies. People who I email back and forth with not just products, but about life! I’ve developed friendships with the people at these companies. These are companies I believe in and who are transparent. 

In the end, I may not have the newest and trendiest and therefore most desirable and sexy item, but at least I can be genuinely proud of what I'm wearing, and not because it makes me look cool, but because it has an amazing story behind it. One that promotes goodness. 

Lastly, I know I have to have grace for myself. I can’t make this project perfect, and I’m sure I’ll be critiqued for it, so please, please, hold me accountable, and help me make this account what it should be. In the meantime, I’ve been doing Project 333, a project that allows you to only wear 33 items for 3 months straight. Everything else you own gets packed away and stored out of sight. I have only completed the first month, and so far it hasn’t been nearly as difficult as I thought it would be. To learn more about it (and perhaps try it for yourself!),  click here to read my blog post on it.